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In theory, anything can be a snack. Passed out on the couch and awoke to find a slice of the pizza you ordered still lukewarm in the box? Snack! On a diet and having a few sticks of celery to tide you over before your dinner smoothie? Sad! But technically, snack!

Of course, the task of selecting the 100 best snacks of all time required us to establish some ground rules, or we'd be facing edible anarchy. For specificity, we focused on actual brands, because how the hell do you evaluate "chocolate chip cookies" as a concept? For accessibility, we limited ourselves to things that are reasonably available at most American corner stores, mini-marts, and other workaday snack-purveyors. Finally, the morsel has to be something you can easily consume, with your hands, right out of the packaging -- eliminating Hot Pockets, Totino's, and Pop-Tarts (which we all know only rule if they're toasted).

Got it? Then start munching on this tasty list of the 100 finest snacks we've ever encountered.